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Christina & Rolando August 30, 2009 at Thomas Birkby House

Christina and Rolando tied the knot at the Thomas Birkby House Sunday August 30, 2009 in front of the historic carriage house.  I have photographed at the Thomas Birkby House many times in the past 6 years.  Almost all my couples held both the ceremony and reception there.  Christina and Rolando were no exception they said “I do” in front of about 100 guests followed by a reception under their tent.  Shortly after I arrived the groom blew in carrying miscellaneous items and hurriedly worked to prepare the site for his bride.  He made sure all the details were attended to while the bride arriving a little behind schedule was able to focus on getting ready for her big walk down the aisle.  I was excited because yet another couple choose to hold their ceremony and subsequent photographs during the “golden hour” of photography.  Unlike my wedding I’m sure they didn’t plan according to the suns’ schedule however the timing was just right.

While the bride was getting settled I photographed her “details” taking advantage of the natural sunlight the many windows at the Thomas Birkby House (affectionately called “Birkby House” by wedding vendors).   I left her curling her hair and went in search of the guys to take their formal photographs.  The groom was just getting dressed and although timing did not allow for any formals before the ceremony I was able to get some great shots of him getting ready.  He was smiling and excited as he prepared to see his bride.   The ceremony went off without a hitch and the reception followed.  I had been watching the sky as a spectacular sunset appeared to be in the works.  The PPA’s (Professional Photographers of America) monthly magazine recently had an article on photographing during the “blue” hour that time just after sunset before the sky turns dark.  It focused on how to best capture images and specifically structures during that time for commercial projects.  I am always keeping my eye out for way to improve my photography and was aching to try the techniques they suggested.   The sun had set and the “blue hour” was upon me, to my delight the sky was perfect and the last rays of the sun light up the clouds and turned them hot pink.  I gave it a shot (literally) and was excited to capture the image below.

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Photographing during the "blue hour"

Photographing during the "blue hour"

A fun take on the traditional dollar dance

A fun take on the traditional dollar dance

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